Do You Need Your Own Virtual Campus Software for School?

Student, Teacher, Parent and Admin interaction Software

Virtual Campus Succeed in School innovative educational services & interaction.

Virtual Campus Software enhances the level of education and learning with its Collaborative knowing system and also enhances the interaction and interaction between the student and teacher. Vcampus Software functions as a reliable medium for college administration/ college administration which takes care of the staff, pstudent and parents with its School Notifications, SMS Alerts, and Email features on time to time. Now every institute is adapting new IT trends in learning and management and Virtual Campus Software is ending up being demand of every school with its extensive features. Scientech Vcampus Software is available both on Web and Mobile/Tablet and also could be accessibility anywhere anytime with Wi-Fi or net connectivity.

Do you need an virtual campus that’s powerful, affordable, and simple to use? Do you want a
Student, Teacher, Parent and Admin interaction Software with more flexible and customizable?

Would certainly you like your online campus to get to educators as well as learners around the bend or worldwide? For All Scientech can assist! Made use of by Student, Educator, Parent and also organizations of all sizes, Scientech Virtual Campus is a powerful, profitable, and affordable virtual school system.

You need to get up and running Online Virtual Campus in minutes. Start enjoying the benefits today:

A complete virtual school with flexible discussion forums

Contains latest updates of institute, notifications, teacher’s latest messages, attendance detail of student, student performance in latest test.

A virtual school system with reporting and assessment

Teacher can add Study Material with attachments and web reference links and can also mark a topic as an important. 

An online classroom with quizzes and Creates Test

A virtual campus with a secure, hosted infrastructure

Student and Staff can check the books issued and get submission alerts.

An online virtual school with support and professional services

Student can check the Institute and Exam Fee Submitted and gets the alerts for pending fees.

Student and Teachers can check time tables of their respective classes.

Student can check their attendance, while teacher and parents can check attendance of their students.