Secura ERP for Manufacturers – A Complete Solution for Your Industries

Be the best – in quality and timeliness. Excel, to lead the market. Delight and retain customers. Boost profitability.

Manufacturing consistently high quality products, being able to comply with customer commitments, preparation and equipping right, handling governing conformity’s, equaling quick commercial innovations, responding to changing consumer choices as well as being ready.

Secura ERP is a highly scalable as well as flexible solution that features effective and thorough tools as well as metrics to assist you manage your manufacturing company end-to-end. The incorporated providing supports an entire range of sector processes and procedures consisting of procurement, production, supply administration, supply chain preparing, sales & advertising and marketing, possession maintenance, financing, human funding management & pay-roll, as well as business analytic s. These company procedures and procedures can be selectively configured to cater to your unique business needs, as well as are fit for both single- as well as multi-plant, and also multiplication ventures.


Secura ERP Manufacturing Software

Secura ERP Production software is the option of manufacturers around the globe. From marketing and sourcing to manufacturing as well as satisfaction, SecuraERP Manufacturing Software application aligns supply with need as well as provides the capacity to deliver to clients on schedule, every time. With Secura ERP Manufacturing Software application as the administration structure, suppliers obtain considerable possibility to advance their company success and also benefit from the implementation of state-of-the-art information technology.


SecuraERP Production Software program has lots of components that are talked about in-depth throughout our website. Screenshots, demonstrations, white documents, on-demand internet workshops, and also more are valuable resources right at your fingertips. These modules as well as very hot subjects consist of:


Comprehensive ERP option for several place sales, circulation & production business to handle their whole down stream supply chains. The freely paired option assists you to manage your chain network and take informed decisions from anywhere with total exposure on your Business.


  • Sales & Distribution Management

  • Procurement Management Module

  • Inventory Management Module

  • Production Management Module

  • Quality Control Management

  • Financial Accounting Module

  • Payroll Management Module

  • Business Analytics Tool

  • Warehouse Management

  • CRM


Do You Need Your Own Virtual Campus Software for School?

Student, Teacher, Parent and Admin interaction Software

Virtual Campus Succeed in School innovative educational services & interaction.

Virtual Campus Software enhances the level of education and learning with its Collaborative knowing system and also enhances the interaction and interaction between the student and teacher. Vcampus Software functions as a reliable medium for college administration/ college administration which takes care of the staff, pstudent and parents with its School Notifications, SMS Alerts, and Email features on time to time. Now every institute is adapting new IT trends in learning and management and Virtual Campus Software is ending up being demand of every school with its extensive features. Scientech Vcampus Software is available both on Web and Mobile/Tablet and also could be accessibility anywhere anytime with Wi-Fi or net connectivity.

Do you need an virtual campus that’s powerful, affordable, and simple to use? Do you want a
Student, Teacher, Parent and Admin interaction Software with more flexible and customizable?

Would certainly you like your online campus to get to educators as well as learners around the bend or worldwide? For All Scientech can assist! Made use of by Student, Educator, Parent and also organizations of all sizes, Scientech Virtual Campus is a powerful, profitable, and affordable virtual school system.

You need to get up and running Online Virtual Campus in minutes. Start enjoying the benefits today:

A complete virtual school with flexible discussion forums

Contains latest updates of institute, notifications, teacher’s latest messages, attendance detail of student, student performance in latest test.

A virtual school system with reporting and assessment

Teacher can add Study Material with attachments and web reference links and can also mark a topic as an important. 

An online classroom with quizzes and Creates Test

A virtual campus with a secure, hosted infrastructure

Student and Staff can check the books issued and get submission alerts.

An online virtual school with support and professional services

Student can check the Institute and Exam Fee Submitted and gets the alerts for pending fees.

Student and Teachers can check time tables of their respective classes.

Student can check their attendance, while teacher and parents can check attendance of their students.


A Comprehensive Software Solution for Schools

School Automation and Management Software

Splash ERP has established itself as the widely accepted School administrative software in India now. This straightforward software fixes one of the most complicated activity in School administration. Many reputed schools in India enjoy that they are started using use of Institution ERP Suite to meet their whole management as well as academic requirement.

All in one School Management Solutions with Scientech Splash ERP

Splash School Software Highlights

  • Data security is maintained on a departmental level. High degree of security and safety according to international standards.
  • Manual effort is reduced and speedy and accurate reports are generated.
  • High degree of transparency of the institution through the Web.
  • Fully compatible for integration with Barcodes, RFID’s & Smartcards.

  • Better co-ordination between departments.
  • Student conveniences extended beyond the classroom.
  • Overall reduction of operating costs; and savings on time and efforts.
  • Easy to learn, use and implement.
  • Highly streamlined and effective workflow of administration and academia.
  • Ensures greater efficiency.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Easy to customize.

The answer to all your school’s administrative running. An excellent way to systematically manage schools, colleges and institutions.

End-to-End Cloud ERP Solution

Scientech has been developed from the Scientech Clod ERP next generation ERP solution for School Maagement. Our on-demand ERP leverages core functionality that has been in use. Scientech ERP in the cloud combines the rich feature set of Scientech ERP with the business and technical benefits of cloud deployment. Our cloud-based ERP eliminates the need for separate applications, spreadsheets and “one off” processes. You are provided everything you need to manage your opportunities, orders, and operations in one integrated web-based ERP solution.
Scientech has actually been developed from the Scientech Clod ERP next generation ERP solution for School Maagement. Our on-demand ERP leverages core performance that has been in usage. Scientech ERP in the cloud combines the rich attribute collection of Scientech ERP with business and also technical advantages of cloud deployment. Our cloud based ERP does away with the demand for separate applications, spread sheets as well as “one off” procedures. You are supplied everything you have to handle your chances, orders, as well as procedures in one incorporated online ERP remedy.

Deploying in the cloud builds upon the business benefits of deploying Scientech ERP by delivering:

Reduced total cost of ownership
Better alignment of IT investment
Global access
Faster time to value
A dynamic business solution
Solutions for organizations of all sizes

The Simplicity of Cloud ERP

Scientech ERP eliminates many of the barriers that keep companies from implementing or upgrading their cloud ERP solution; more importantly it enables them to focus on their core business operations instead of managing IT. The Express shipping version is created to assist you lower intricacy, get up and running swiftly, as well as minimize on-going functional expenses.

Cloud ERP for school


User friendly Interface
Secure and Reliable
Hosted on Cloud Servers
Multiple Language Support
Runs on Mobile, Tablet and Smartphones
Affordable Price
Access and Manage Multiple Branch of Same School Group
Full Support

Complete ERP Software Systems and Business Management Solutions

Scientech Secura Delivers the tools you have to drive your company. Whether you require accounting, circulation, production, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Human Resources Management, Client Relationship Administration, Process Control, Quality Control, Analytic, retail, or solution, industry solutions. Secura ERP software program has been tailored to give you complete insight into each one of your company processes. With Secura ERP Software application you get seamless system integration across the Secura application.

When you select the flexible as well as scalable Secura ERP system as your manufacturing software remedy, you can pass through brand-new markets, gain and also maintain consumer commitment, and improve your ability to offer your existing clients. With applications designed specifically for the production market, you could be much more reliable and also a lot more efficient, more productive, regardless of the size and scope of your manufacturing channel.

Real-Time Intelligence for your Manufacturing Business

Manufacturers face new challenges every day. Whether you require helping in reducing costs or managing conformity mandates, you should respond rapidly to both changes in the production Process, along with the demands of your consumers. Secura ERP for manufacturing lets you make much faster, a lot more Knowledgeable decisions by providing you a complete view of your company in real time.

Affordable Secura ERP

At a fraction of the price of standard business management systems, Secura ERP software application not only gives you contemporary remedies to your business’ problems, yet it supplies you with completely customized options to help your company succeed.

Customizable Solutions

Exceed your competitors by quickly responding to consumer need with a totally customizable as well as versatile ERP system. You could easily tailor Secura ERP software application industries, kinds, and even entire functions, all while taking care of user approvals as well as audit tracks.

An adaptable, scalable, customizable, and affordable software solution to fit your specific business needs.

School Management System

School Management System

When it comes to modern technology discovering its way to Edu-World, it has ended up being critical for colleges to pre-owned newest creations and remain affordable. A lot better school administration and also management necessitates functional use of web. This laid structure rock for the concept of School Management Software– ScientechSplash.

Splash School ERP is a web-based School ERP Software which assists to automate the school process properly and inter-connect all departments on a single platform. Splash ERP System has a role-based individual gain access to rights to do their tasks baseding on the delegated function. School ERP consists of n number of customer that can log in to the School ERP site as well as execute their tasks. ERP helps School management to track the work record of all departments on couple of clicks.

Splash ERP is an inclusive school management/ school administration software that is developed when it comes to a single intention of assisting colleges in effectively managing their school associated procedures and activities. It is an outcome of years of study on lowering the management initiatives and taking full advantage of effectiveness of school management systems. When Splash meets innovation- it is Scientech Spalsh. With the bunch of exceptional features it has, Scientech Splash has transformed the method a school works as well as conducts its day-to-day procedures. In simple words, it has simplified the management efforts and also emerged as a smart remedy for e-age Schools.

An area where you can manage all Student activities as well as procedures at one go. This module enables different ids for each and every and every student at your school. Allow your students log in, to get details from your school directly. Maintains separate web page for every student in your establishment, with one click you could get access to finish information of a certain student including- personal information, mailing address, last fee payment details, attendance record and soon.  Web Based School Management ERP.School management System

Choosing a top School Information Management System

school-management-systemChoosing the School Information Management System solution that best meets the needs of your school can be a daunting prospect. There is no single ‘correct’ management information system (MIS) choice, as there are so many differences in the structure, scope and management styles of independent and international schools.


Looking for something Powerful, Integrated, Easy and Affordable?

Every school has a management information system (MIS) Software that handles key attendance and performance grade data on the students. What heads and teachers want to know, though, is how easy it is to access the data and use it.


All-in-one ERP software to manage schools and colleges


Splash ERP is multipurpose school management System software which is used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for all administration, management and learning related actions. Use SplashERP management information software to manage students, teachers, employees, courses and all the systems and processes related to running your institute efficiently.