Highly Customizable School Management System Software

Our Splash School Management System is focused on your goals!

With Splash ERP school management system you can improve the quality and efficiency of school life and create an environment that will foster learning.

Our Splash ERP most advanced, customizable and comprehensive School Management System. It’s provides practicality for parents and students, and automated administration and financial management for learning institutions and their staff.

Scientech offers Splash School ERP Software which streamlines and automates institutions management procedure. The Splash School Management System is accurate and trusted and could be easily accessed from college intranet and also from the general public internet. It is fully browser-based school management software which also consists of virtual campus which can be linked with school portal and consists of effective on the internet access to bring parents, teachers and students on a typical interactive system.

Yet one more advantage of the Splash ERP Software is that it works on very small equipment and quickly suits the budget plan of schools. In Splash ERP users have actually role based access civil liberties which tightly designs a readying existing institutions power structure. Splash School ERP is entirely adjustable basseting on the requirements of institution.

We also provide a highly advanced integrated cloud based School Management System. Splash School Management Software is highly customizable which allows us to meet the unique requirements of schools on the fly without separate deployments.

How can school management software help your school?

  • Secure online transactions and registrations
  • Easily handleschool credit card processing
  • Improve cash flow and lessen administrative costs
  • Automatically track sales of all school items
  • Easy to use school registration software
  • Robusttextbook tracking module
  • integrates to back-end school accounting software
  • Simple and affordable website development technology